Jelly has a boyfriend with invisible legs. They live in a black and white house that has a red staircase with their invisible headed rooster called Quarters. Jelly fell in love with Temulent after he won a fried fish heads eating contest. She wasn't phased by the fact that he was the only participant. Sometimes, she enjoys singing him a song that she wrote. It goes: "My boy-friend -- ain't go' no legs. My boy-frieeeeend has in-vi-si-ble legs." Jelly craves adventure, and she often draws maps of places she imagines inside the front covers of the books they keep on the shelf in their office. She's afraid of the television and the color yellow and of having to spell the word restaurant. Temulent uses a white eraser to rub out the maps when Jelly is away running errands or is taking a shower. When she discovers them gone, she believes the lines became invisible like Tem's legs and the rooster's head. And she smiles big and presses her face into the blank book that ate her dreams. Pulls air into her nose hard and smells the powdered sugary scent that always reminds her of Temulent's fingertips.

"Happy New Year!!" Jelly shouts into the September air of her flat. Determined and anxious to start again.


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