no. and i swear i read the book. prowling these midnight patches. of snow. the strange. the light. held it in my hand like colossal criminals. crouched into the pocket the bathroom door makes between the word and the shelves. how can it be still plastic wrapped. unopened. the cosmos. the ecosystem. the art. of.the.fucking.american.poem. take you out. put me in. shove my fingers down your neck and spine. to search the common courtesies of your one hundred and fifty nine memories. your pages. like spies. barthes. baldwin. secrettipstobaketheperfectpie. stop. the fingers. wind. how many years did i hold onto these socks. holes in the heels. the sockets. unwearable. unwearable. unswearable. last night i just put them on over another pair. how many years. how stupid. to wear. the stop. baldwin. bloom. bone deep. in landscape. blew. there. just there. on the shelf. in the ache between shoulders and blades. swear. search. cling. form. words. of deep bone landscapes.


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