States of being have always fascinated me. dead/alive. happy/sad. asleep/awake. And thinking for years about things like Schrödinger's Cat, the poet-prisoner Condemned to Devil's island, the Banality of Evil, and the hero/hero/hero/hero/hero, haven't necessarily made anything more or less opaque. I suppose this is why I've always resisted binary (in-conflict ) states, as they don't seem to adequately reflect experience or the complexity of being--at least when I consider my life and my self.

So, this morning, whilst I've been reading an article about sleep disorders and biological rhythms, I've also been thinking about the hazy line between wake and sleep. I've been known to talk in my sleep--to hold coherent conversations with another person as well as to mumble indecipherably and seemingly without outside stimuli. And we all dream. To think of sleep as an inactive or unconscious state, then, seems malapropos. And to say we are always one and the other at the same time, doesn't quite appease, either.

I'm content staying fascinated with it all. I don't actually need answers to questions without answers. It's just good, somehow, to look at it all. And perhaps,at the least, i'll be less grumpy when my partner says alien-strange things that wake me in the night.


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