i saw the moon this morning.
although, i'm pretty sure it was an accident.
[i wrote a lot of bull shit in the middle of this]
but, actually, that's all that matters.
at the end of the day.

i've been writing you a letter.
about skin and bones. adopting somebody else's kids.
sometimes it has a lot to do with the Internet.
but, usually, it doesn't.

we've been trying to live our life more.
doing research about rhizomes. and the pull of ocean.
axioms of all sorts.
but you still aren't sure
about putting your cans into the recycle bin.
so, i'm not sure we're more than
watching renegade videos on youtube.

but the moon is out, again.
so, everything does.
come. just as it goes.


At 6:15 PM, Anonymous The Shadow Cabinet said...

Your archives have been a pleasing discovery for me this evening.
Thank you for putting it out there, moon like.


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