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English today

i've only just skimmed some of the comments, but it got me thinking about the great unique ways we all have for speaking and naming things. i know that i've picked up loads of socially awkward verbal ticks from my travels and friends who live in diffent places. i'd love to hear some of yours.

for example, i commonly refer to the bathroom/toilet as "the CR" which is a phrase i picked up from a friend who'd just recently moved to the US from the Philippines.

i remember my dear sweet H., who spoke rural southern American english used to always say: 'i liked to of died' or 'i nearly fell in the oven' when he was suprised or overwhelmed by something.

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ooo, i've just recalled that:
my mom used to use the phrase 'deep kimchee' as a quantifier for trouble. ie: if you aren't in bed in 5 minutes, you're both going to be in deep kimchee!

she runs through the rain like madness consumes a person beaten for reasons unlocatable. the fear causes the running. and she knows she can't stop. the burning lungs. the dead legs. the shoes and socks sopped with blood or guts or rain water. nothing matters, only the fear of the unknown disaster that keeps her going. through the streets. she knows no matter what, he is with her, the ring in her pocket probably soaked through to silenced. she knows that no matter what, she can't stop. she's got to keep running for home.

in the hospital

that sounds overly dramatic
(maybe i mean overtly)

i don't know what to write here these days

Asia dreams of boots. Of black leather motorcycle calve height of metal buckles on sale for 20 dollars at the consignment store of the dull downtown where she currently lives. Too kitsch for heavy soles. Asia dreams of boots. Of her killer knee-highs fake plastic disaster with the broken zipper and the 4 gracious inches given to her legs in long jeans. Asia dreams of boots. Hard edged steel toed. The imported pair of memory. She needs them to stamp out the fires. To stop all this traffic in her head like a one way street gone wrong. She doesn't have any special powers. Not faster than or the man of anything. Instead, Asia dreams of boots.

God, I'm spoiled. When I was a kid, I didn't necessarily think my mom was lying when she said that some day the sacrifices and getting by that we did would end up serving us in the future, but I'm not really sure I believed her, either. Now I can see that she was right. Sure, lots of bad things are happening in my life right now all at once, but I know that things could be a hell of a lot different than this. And all the times I bought the cheapest not-quite-but-almost-thing I wanted and wore my brother's cast off clothes and acted like it didn't hurt my feelings so much when all the pretty popular trendy girls at school made fun of me so that we could pay the bills and my mom wouldn't hopefully have to keep working that second job and getting drunk with her drug addict boyfriend on the weekends ends up meaning that my irritatingly perfect brother gets to live in a fantastic house in a beautiful neighborhood with his adoring wife and their [whatever the word for more than perfect is] child and I get saved from destruction and total rock bottom insanity and potentially losing everything I've been working toward since I was six and I decided that books and words _were_ going to be my life. I already knew I was a lucky lucky girl. Thank all sacred things that I know I'm a very lucky woman.