Here out of my pocket [. . .]

Here, some pinks and laurel leaves, and a handful of sage

--"These I Singing in Spring", Leaves of Grass (1891-1892), Walt Whitman

the scissors won

meet me at jones st coffee
five pm
i'll be the one wearing a pink trench
and fighting off the urge
to settle all my debts
in hair and safety scissors

2   /pɪŋk/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [pingk]
–verb (used with object)

to pink means to stab or to adorn with ornament. to stab or to imprint the pattern of one thing onto something else.


pinking shears n. scissors with a serrated blade, used to cut a zigzag edge, esp. to prevent


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i've been thinking of drawing you out on my skin with pinking shears. again.

whatever this is, i think to myself, cold and stupid standing at the bus stop mornings, you better get over it. grow a thicker skin and smile. else you'll find yourself left and alone again. no body needs to remind you. again. how deafening and unlovable whatever this is. is.