your scare me. in korea. when we go. our excuses and receipts. in hand. (beat)

i'm having a hard time. with e-cigarettes. and music. when it plays.


when you say all i did without you was
and what i do with you is
and the cello plays
and i know how to purse my lips to push the part

that's not the part.
that's not the part when i say
the thing about time
and space
and how i am not the same person i was
when you made me feel like a fool
when i wanted to be out
and you wanted me to be

i can't get back in.
the phone calls
all the evidences that we were. and you are. and there's something like memory and time
but it doesn't
so good.
until there is nothing. and i am.
nothing to be gotten into.
for good.