among the various reasons men have broken up with me which remain various and unexplained as most everything in recent years has tended to do and of which i could create many lists with witty or bitter or stupidly thoughtless (or even unthinkable) titles. there are these facts that remain: habitual smoker (especially when pissed, which is often); doesn't know how to ski. i am glad to have been quit. for them. and, most especially, for me.

these days
these morning hours
i create a list of things
often it begins
i am one:
inarticulate woman

but sometimes
it doesn't
sometimes the lists
contain secrets about
honey and heavy cream
about getting lost once
just outside
of London
looking for you

these lonely practical days. when all i want to do is eat fresh berries from a small white bowl in the back yard. watch the kittens chase flies. memorize recipes. for cake.

Sometimes, I can hear you. Walking around the upstairs of our flat. The pacing sounds so familiar. As if the memory could place you there. Still near enough to be just out of my reach.